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Images provided by David Doubit, Chuck Davis, Donald Tipton, Mark Strickland, Christopher Newbert

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*Used* VX-S1 U/W Housing for Sony HDR-UX7/UX5, HDR-HC3

Enjoy the world of high-definition and high-tech video with 
this lightweight and compact video housing.

Asking Price: $1000

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We currently have 2 of these housings used in stock

we also have filters and conversion lenses to help get you the best underwater image you can get!


Mirror flipping function so left and right are not displayed reversed
The large folding external mirror shows you the camcorder’s side LCD while taping to give you a clear view of your subject and the camcorder’s data display. The camcorder offers an image flipping function that flips the LCD image horizontally so the image you view in the mirror appears in the correct left-to-right orientation. The mirror’s large hood is rigid to protect it from external shock.
Adopts the Infrared Remote Control Grip
The remote control grip communicates with the camcorder via infrared. It offers REC, PHOTO, and ZOOM controls all placed conveniently under the thumb. You can use them while holding the grip and concentrating on a subject
Wide-Angle Conversion Lens (Standard accessory)

0.6x wide-angle conversion lens for capturing dynamic wide angle images (can be used on land).
*The lens works with the accessory step-up ring.

  • Following functions are operable underwater; Power ON/OFF and mode switching with mode dial, and remote operation (REC, ZOOM, PHOTO) using remote control grip.
  • The infrared control grip switches easily between video and still-picture capture.
  • A large folding mirror reflects the camcorder’s side LCD screen back to the user for easy subject framing without using a dedicated external monitor.
  • The housings are designed for multiple camcorder models, with an interchangeable camera base for each model, so a single housing may be used for several different camcorder models.
  • A leak sensor alerts you immediately to any accidental moisture in the housing.
  • A high performance underwater microphone captures underwater sounds to accompany your video.
  • An over-pressure relief valve ensures that any excess air pressure in the housing releases safely.
  • Lock knob makes opening and closing the housing easy and comfortable.
  • Reliable 60m / 200ft depth rating pressure-proof design.


  • [ VX-S1 ]
    [Construction] Front/Rear case, Mirror cover, Mirror base: polycarbonate
    Mirror: acrylic mirror (aluminum evaporation)
    Grip: corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum alloy
    [Depth rating]60m / 200ft
    [Dimensions (WxHxD)]320x187x225mm / 12.6x7.4x8.9inch (with the mirror open)
    [Weight]Approx. 3,300g / 116oz

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