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Here at AB Sea Photo, we have have been serving underwater photographers in both the professional and recreational arena for over 18 years.

Let AB Sea Photo answer your Real Important Questions on underwater photography.

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Questions and Answers (Q & A's)

From Alan Broder (from Ocean Realm Magazine)

Have digital cameras in underwater housings replaced Nikonos cameras and other film cameras in housings? ANSWER

I shoot TTL and am getting inconsistent exposures; mainly, a lot of my frames are underexposed from a little bit to as much as a stop. Do you have any suggestions as to what the problem or problems might be? ANSWER

What's the simplest way to bracket exposure with a housing system for those pictures that are really important, such as that rare whale shark or a macro shot of cleaner shrimp in the mouth of a moray eel? ANSWER

I'm interested in getting into either underwater video or underwater still photography. Do you have any suggestions? Is one less expensive or easier than the other? I'm just interested in doing this for fun. I'm not looking to get professional results. ANSWER

I recently returned from a live-aboard dive trip during which I blew up my only charger for my wide-angle strobe. Needless to say, this was very disappointing since I couldn't use my wide-angle lens except when I could borrow a strobe. Is there some way to check the current on the boat or to protect my charger to prevent this from happening again? ANSWER

I am trying to decide which strobe to buy. I want to get one powerful enough to do the job, but I am confused by manufacturers' model numbers and specifications. Can you make any suggestions which will help me decide? ANSWER

I have a housed camera and I use a 60mm micro lens for fish and macro. I have trouble getting close enough to spooky little gobies, jawfish, and the like. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am considering the purchase of a longer macro lens or perhaps a zoom lens. ANSWER

Will the airport x-ray really damage my film? I've heard that it will and also that it won't both from what should be reliable sources. ANSWER

I've been using a housed SLR system for a long time and I'm having more and more trouble seeing well enough through the viewfinder to focus properly. I've been considering switching to an autofocus camera. I'd appreciate your advice. ANSWER

Backscatter has ruined some of my best shots. What can I do to minimize or, better yet, to prevent this problem. ANSWER

How can I tell if my TTL is working? ANSWER

I am wondering about the ready light on my strobe. I wait for the light to come on, but when I shoot two or three photos in a row, although my first exposure usually is correct using TTL, often the second or third are underexposed. ANSWER

Can you use autofocus in doing video underwater or is it best to preset the focus? ANSWER

What's the proper way to determine the correct focus when using framers on my Nikonos camera for macro photography? I cannot tell any difference between focusing my 35mm lens at infinity or at 2.75 feet when I'm using extension tubes. ANSWER

I don't live near the ocean and only dive once or twice a year while on warm water one-week dive trips. I'm considering buying an inexpensive underwater camera, but I do want decent quality photos. I'd appreciate a recommendation. ANSWER

I have difficulty in aiming my strobe. Can you offer any tips? ANSWER

I've just started doing underwater video. My first attempt was disappointing due to an overall blue cast. I now know that a filter would probably help. What should I buy and when should I use it? ANSWER

Can you suggest a method for cleaning my lenses? I have trouble getting them clean without a lot of rubbing, and I have been told this can damage the lens. ANSWER

Do scratches on my lens or port damage my photos? I've heard that water fills them in, and they aren't visible. ANSWER




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