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Rental Equipment

Most housings are now available with an HDMI uplink cable so you can monitor from the surface for an extra charge.

A B Sea Photo has one of the strongest and longest running underwater camera and camera housing rental programs in the world.

For reservations, rates, or other inquiries, call us at (310)-645-8992, or email us at

DSLR / PRO Housings

Compact Digital Underwater Cameras

Underwater Film Cameras

HD Underwater Video Rentals

Lighting / Strobes

Nikon D800

Sea & Sea DX-1200HD
Hasselblad Electronic/Film Back
Panasonic HVX200

No Image

Ikelite Pro 2800 Video Light


Canon 5dMk III

Nikon Coolpix L22 package
Nikonos V

No-Image Available

Sony PMW-EX1
Ikelite DS-200 Strobe


S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Energy Rating
....... 200 wat-sec
Recycle Time
....... 1.6 sec
Angle of Coverage
....... 100 degrees
....... 110 degrees with diffuser
Guide # (ISO 100) feet
....... 76 surface - 38 underwater
Guide # meters
....... 24 surface - 12 underwater
Color Temperature
....... 4800 degrees Kelvin
Full Power Flashes
....... 160 flashes per full charge
Firing Modes
....... TTL, Full, 3 fractional powers
Modeling Light
....... Built-in Halogen
Battery Pack
....... NiMH module
....... 1.8 kg (3.9 lb)
....... 11.5 cm dia x 19 cm
....... 4.5" dia x 7.5"
Depth Rating
....... 90m - 300 feet


Canon 7D



Sea & Sea DX-8000G
Nikonos RS

Sony HVR-Z1U
Ikelite DS-161 Light / Strobe


Canon 5dMk II



S&S 5dMkII

Sea & Sea

Canon XH A1
Nikon D700



Sony HDR-FX1
Canon 1DsMkIII
Sony HDR-FX7
Nikon D300
Sony HVR-V1U
Canon Rebel T1i *
Sony HVR-Z7U
Nikon D90


Sony HDR-HC9
Canon 1Ds MkIV
Sony HDR-SR12
Nikon D7000

Sony HDR-HC7
Canon Rebel T2i *
Sony HDR-SR11
Sony HDR-SR10
Sony HDR-HC3
Sony HDR-HC7
Sony CX12
Sony HDR-HC1
Sony HDR SR10D

* = available with camera body upon request

We rent a variety of Cameras, underwater housings and accessories. We have the strongest rental program available today with several benefits:

* Some people dive only occasionally and choose not to own underwater photography equipment.  Since a complete underwater still photo or video system may cost several thousand dollars (or more), the depreciation in value of the equipment can far exceed the cost of a rental or two per year.  Additionally, renting allows you to be using the latest equipment every time you dive.  Considering the rate at which this gear evolves, this is reason enough to be a renter.

* Our rental program allows our customers to test equipment before they buy it; possibly trying 2 or 3 alternatives prior to making a commitment.
* We allow up to 50% of your rental dollars to be applied towards purchase.
* This is not a "Rent-To-Buy" program, however, the opportunity to use the different types of equipment which you are considering for purchase before you actually buy, is a very cost-effective way to assist you in making the right purchase decision the FIRST time, rather than potentially buying equipment you will later be dissatisfied with----then making a purchase again—and maybe again!

Our underwater camera rental department is the most extensive available to the public today - both for both still photography and for video.  In our underwater camera rental department we offer a wide variety of underwater housings for digital SLR cameras including underwater housings for medium format cameras such as Hasselblad.

In our under water video rental department, we have many models of underwater housings for digital video cameras in both standard definition and high definition.

We also rent all kinds of underwater lighting equipment for still photography and underwater video.

We have several housings for earlier digital cameras and some film systems including Nikon F5.   We still offer the complete Nikonos RS and Nikonos 5 systems for those few who still shoot film and for those rare situations when the highly specialized and equally highly evolved Nikonos system simply does a better job.

A B Sea offers some “point and shoot “ systems for those of you who are interested in doing some casual photography as part of your sport diving or other water sports activities.

Please call 310-645 8992 (best) or email us at for pricing information and availability.



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