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Images provided by David Doubit, Chuck Davis, Donald Tipton, Mark Strickland, Christopher Newbert

Here at AB Sea Photo, we sponsor a variety of trips.

If any of this sounds good to you, please email us or call at:
(310) 645-8992 for more information. If you can't make it, let's hear how you are doing anyway. We like to keep track of our serious photographers.

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Dolphin encounter trips to the Bahama Banks

Photos by Rich Garrett and Larry Naylor

The last several summers we have booked live-aboard boats for week long trips, diving with pods of wild Spotted Dolphins in open water some forty miles out to sea off Grand Bahama Island. This has been as fantastic and exhilarating an experience as I have had in my more than fifty years of diving. Wild dolphin encounters have been an average of four hours per day long, and every week we've been able to get in the water with the dolphins at night while they're hunting--an absolutely spectacular experience.

Contrary to popular belief, dolphins do not avoid divers on SCUBA, although they are more likely to spend a greater amount of time with good freedivers who have the grace, mobility and endurance to join in their dance.

Most of the published and broadcast dolphin shots you have seen on gallery walls, television, and in theaters have been taken at our dive site on the Little Bahama Banks 40 miles off Grand Bahama Island, where the wild dolphins have been seeking out human contact for the past dozen years. These images are taken at this same time of year when the weather permits our boats to remain on the ocean surface (we will visit a couple of boats that didn't on our wreck dives); and without humans hanging over the rail of said boats the whole week.

During one encounter, one of our passengers (That's her in the pictures above) had a dolphin place a pectoral fin on her calf, and a second dolphin place a pectoral fin on her opposite shoulder. They swam like this for several minutes while the dolphins stroked her gently with their fins. Come by the store and see some of the photos of her with the dolphins taken by people on the trips. You'll see why taking her along works for everyone.

The dolphins have always made a special point of visiting with each diver. They come as individuals, in pairs, and in small or larger groups, frequently bringing babies with them. They especially love kids, ladies and skin.

We will board the Caribbean Explorer II at Pompano Beach, Florida for the Gulf Stream crossing to Grand Bahama Island for 5 days diving and swimming with the dolphins. Just imagine the photo and video opportunities, not to mention the spiritual experience of a lifetime.

The cost of the trip is $1800, and it goes without saying that we will have all of the hi-definition digital video cameras, and digital still cameras, lenses, strobes, etc., etc.,--not to mention the latest Oceanhaus video  housings--for your use as needed or wanted. Consider yourselves backed up - to the max.

If any of this sounds good to you, please email us at info@absea.net, or call us at (310) 645-8992 for more information. If you can't make it, let's hear how you're doing anyway. We like to keep track of our serious photographers.

Good diving,
Alan and the crew



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